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Our Facilities

At Greenside Design Center, we provide everything our students need to excel in their studies right on campus. Whether they’re enrolled in our graphic design courses, interior design courses or multimedia design courses, their needs will be met at our world class facilities.


GDC Campus

Did you know that the GDC building was designed by Mannie Feldman, Manfred Hermer and Rodney Grosskopf. The team also designed the Johannesburg Opera house and Ponte Tower. The building is fully owned by the founders of GDC and has been designed to suit the educational needs of the institution. The campus offers two large lecture rooms, a few smaller tutorial rooms, and seven computer laboratories.

The Library

With over 7000 references, from professional magazine articles to books to journal articles to eBooks, the GDC library has everything a design student needs. Our Resource Centre Manager is qualified with an Honours in Information Sciences and Masters in Business Leadership, and she ensures that the library is a well-stocked and user-friendly space.

Computer Rooms

Hand-rendering is a skill that will never fade in the design industry. But being tech savvy and being able to utilise all that the latest software has to offer in the design process is imperative. The 165 machines in the 8 computer labs on campus feature the latest industry-relevant software (being Adobe Full Suite, Flash, Blender, Muse, 3D Max, Autodesk Suite, Revit, Sketchup, SU Podium).

Student Life on Campus

All work and no play is not good for design. GDC has a creative and playful spirit, and students can enjoy a supportive and nurturing environment. Everyone is on a first name basis, and there is no red tape in sight. Students expect a good helping of socialising in their varsity years, and the active GDC Students Representative Council doesn’t disappoint.

The Roof Chill Area

Experience the view over Midrand from the top of our roof. Built with innovation and creativity in mind. With this large open chill area, there is plenty space for the learners to relax and catch a breath of fresh air.

Campus Machinery

GDC has a range of on-campus tools and machinery to enhance our student's experience and knowledge of design. We introduce the old practices of printing and encourage the development and creation of something new.

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