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Awards & Achievements

At GDC we celebrate our students and their accomplishments, we are proud of their hard work and dedication. Here are some of their amazing works

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Adobe Design Achievers Awards

Proud announcements of GDC student entries into the Adobe Design Achievers Awards

ISTD Awards

A collection of successfully admitted alumni to the membership of the International Society for Type Designers.

Loerie Student Awards

GDC is ranked amongst the top 10 Educational Institutions in the official Loerie rankings for 2016.

We go all the way.

At GDC we pride ourselves in our international relations. Not only do our staff serve on international boards like CUMULUS, but our students have ample opportunities to engage internationally as well.

International Student exchanges programmes

Around the world.

Part of this is an international exchange of 6 months that a student can go on during their third year of study. These exchanges challenge students to think in different cultural environments, to engage with different cultures and to apply what they have learned in a different educational setting. The learning experience is invaluable and students always come back inspired in their field of study. Quite a few students went to LUCA in Belgium for their exchange. Other institutions include: ECV in France, Shandong University in China, Lincoln University in England, Konkuk University in Kora, Rheinische Hochschule Köln, Germany, LAB University of Applied Science in Finland, Hochschule Augsburg in Germany and Designskolen, Kolding in Denmark.

The world will be seeing your work.

The other side of the international relationships we nurture is our relationships with international institutions. As part of our end-of-year examination, we invite verifiers from across the globe to oversee the process and to benchmark our programmes internationally. This benchmarking serves to produce students of international high standard with portfolios that can be used across the world. Our verifiers speak very highly of GDC and are always amazed at what calibre of work our students produce. We have had verifiers from the UK, Belgium, The USA, Zimbabwe, Lebanon, Germany and Australia.

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