United Apart – An International Joint Project

United Apart – An International Joint Project

Covid-19 has put most of the world on hold. But not us. Nor our international partner-school LUCA, schools of Arts, in Belgium.

Next week, it’s classes as usual for both of our institutions, although this time, we’ll be sharing our spaces and faces! In a time of online learning (because we put the health and safety of our students first), and as our geographical classes move into virtual ones, we’ve fully supported LUCA’s collaborative project. Instead of spending the global lockdown trying to figure out ‘how to put our classes online’ we’ve gone beyond that and started thinking about how we run joint international projects from different sides of the world?

So during the week ahead, our 3rd year Graphic and Multimedia students will team up with a range of design students from Ghent, Belgium, to problem solve issues relating to Covid-19, and life thereafter. We’ll be bringing LUCA lecturers into our classrooms, and our staff will be heading off over there (albeit it virtually). While we realise that this pandemic has caused tragedy and chaos around the world, and changed the way that we live in it forever, we appreciate the opportunity to collectively tackle the world’s problems with 21st century technology. We’ve figured that global exchange is a total reality under lockdown. At GDC, we’re starting to wonder: ‘Where do we go next?”

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