Vortex Design Concept

Interior Design

3rd Year Student:
Claudine Park

Haute Luminaire Winner 2015


The Vortex design concept entails a series of circular programmed LED light structures fixed into a shipping container with a Matt black interior finish. The LEDs are programmed in such a way as to create different vortex-like effects. A person walks through the space along the toughened glass walkway which offers the viewer the full effect of being in a Vortex.

The idea behind the Haute Lumiere Light Award is to break  away from conventional lighting concepts and to expand creativity in the lighting realm. The brief for the competition challenged designers to transform a 12m x 2.3m white steel shipping container into a space of wonder and intrigue by way of the imaginative use of light.

Cluadine built her lighting installation in a container at the V& Waterfront in Cape Town, and it was open to the public.

The internal space of “The Vortex” was constructed with a wooden frame, using marine ply paneling. Each light source used 12 RGB colour changing LEDs on a circuit board in a series to complete 8 sections wired together. The installation consisted of 32 sections of 8 light sources, all connected to DMX lighting controllers. To increase the effect of deception and perception, a large mirror was used at one end of the container to create an elongated effect.

The outside of the container gives no clue to the sense of space, depth, movement, light and colour viewers experienced inside “The Vortex”.

View Haute Lumiere Light Award 2015

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