Visualising Music

Graphic Design

Honours Student:
Biance Stuart



The ‘visualising music’ project required students to create a typographic music score (that demonstrates 500 words of typesetting) using Opera Einstein on the Beach by Philip Glass. This should allow a person or an orchestra to play without reference to staff notation taking an avant-garde approach through the use of visual symbols instead of traditional music notations. The reason I can relate to this topic is because throughout high school I attended music class where I learnt how to read music but was never taught how to play it which is something I have always wanted to do. When I informed my lecturer that I could read music but never learnt how to play it she was excited because she can play the piano but cannot read music. Based on this scenario this project will certainly be an educational one for us both. I therefore concluded to revolve my project around me knowing how to read music and then learning how to play it using typography. I am convinced that this research and experimentation is important because if schools are teaching their students, how to read music, then with the help of an easy app they can learn how to play music. In addition to this it could also be beneficial for professional musicians to look into it, as the more the app is developed the more it can be used to write songs but most importantly to play music without using large amounts of paper and in turn making this industry contribute to being environmentally friendly.

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