Packaging in-flight meal

Graphic Design

3rd Year Student:
Birgitta Le Roux

2015 ISPA Student Goldpack Awards


The Brief

The Institute of Packaging invites students annually students to enter the Annual Student Gold Pack Awards

You are challenged to create the packaging for an in-flight meal, which would be provided and consumed on an airline of your choice ­ you may choose an existing airline or create your own airline brand. 

Your graphics, choice of packaging materials and on pack communication should clearly express the core values and attitude of the Airline brand, which you have chosen. This project is to be seen as an opportunity to use the packaging as a medium to communicate directly with the airlines customers to reinforce their experience and perceptions of the airline brand. 

This meal pack can be created for a: breakfast, lunch or dinner, to be served during the flight. It must include a more than just one food element ­ i.e. salad + main meal + dessert.

Your packaging should be practical to manufacture, store, handle, consume from during the flight and discard.

The solution

KLM ­ Inflight Delft style Pick nick box This in-flight meal package was designed around the concept of a food stall and picnic dining, allowing the traveler to feel as if they were opening a gift pack of fresh produce from their destination country. For this reason each meal item has been individually packed in functional, yet casual boxes, which fit neatly into one box, for practicality. The use of traditional patterns from the destination country, in the design as well as local food choices allows the travelers to being their journey even before they land. All items have been produced using biodegradable cardboard, plastic and wax paper. Not only does this help offset the carbon footprint of the flight, it also makes clean-up easy as there is no need for sorting to recycle certain items, and no dishes to clean, saving time and money.

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