Eat Joburg-Plant a Seed

Graphic Design

3rd Year Student:


Design to Decay

Living in a society obsessed with design to be discarded is a disheartening concept. What if the tools we use to bridge digital with the physical could contribute to the system rather than producing waste? All the designs of Eat Joburg are printed using biodegradable vegetable ink and are printed on seeded paper. This paper is situated from the most inconspicuous of places to the most obvious, but at all times staying true to its purpose: planting. The geo-caching of plants allowed the avenue of an app to be explored, as cellular technology offered a platform for longevity and in turn sustainability. The web app works hand in hand with the sms system and the photograph of Eat joburg members. The system moves relevant information between the planters and the people eating the fresh produce through a simple subscription. Considering that most South Africans in a lower demographic have access to internet via their cellphones, there is the opportunity to capitalise on a broader scope. If each brochure becomes a plant, then we are one step closer to feeding a hungry city.

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