Awaken Wine Collection

Graphic Design

3rd Year Student:
Kimm Ford

Student Goldpack Packaging Awards Finalist


The Brief

The Institute of Packaging invites students annually students to enter the Annual Student Gold Pack Awards Design the packaging for a new South African wine to be launched and sold both locally and internationally. You will determine the name, branding and market positioning for this new wine. It is expected that you select the correct and appropriate bottle, labelling and closure for your wine pack. Your packaging design should enhance the marketing potential of this new product and show insight into factors such as ­ in store display, promotion, advertising, creating a memorable concept, etc.

The solution: Awaken

The concept behind this brand was to encourage thought beyond the boundries of limitations. The branding becomes the visual representation of this process. Symbolic of stillness, needed in order to achieve a sort of enlightened state. By limiting the visuals and focusing on the type it allows the audience to rely on feeling an imagination in order to achieve thought beyond limitations. Awaken speaks to this potential , which lies dormant inside each individual. 

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