Stephan Hugo

Lecturer - Graphic Design

BKS Graphic Design NWU

I studied Business Communication Studies (BKS) at the North-West University, Potchefstroom. My subjects included Corporate Communication, Graphic Design, Photography and Video Editing, among others. Apart from lecturing, I’ve also been running a branding company, orangeline, from home with my business partner, Sarichia, for the past 3 years. Recently we also started doing event management, something I enjoy very much. Let’s get this party starting, like I always say! When it comes to my skills and how I would package myself as a creative person….mmm….Well as the mantra goes: ‘Think out of the box’. Well, yes…it is a good suggestion! But has anyone ever thought about that ever-elusive box and its contents…? Sometimes it is a good thing to look specifically AT the box and what it holds. If I would to package myself, the box would have had a very clean look & feel – acres of white space, delicate design elements with subtle colour treatment… The crucial matter though is what you find inside the box – the essence of big idea behind it all. For me design is all about the concept, without it, design is bare…pointless if you like. On the other hand, design in harmony with a great concept is something I always try to strive for (that is off course if the client shares my sentiments)…if not design for the money, I say! There are bills to be paid after all… Unfortunately the client is king most of the time, if that wasn’t the case; the world would have been a much better looking place… But let’s say I lived in a perfect world where I was the king of design….I would have said: “See it big, and keep it simple” (like someone else once said…). In the fine print though, I also would have suggested throwing in a bit of eccentricity, adding a touch of character, lots of passion and that you should always make sure you have a good sense of direction….


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