Rykie Pretorius

Lecturer: Interior Design

BTech Interior Design

‘Knowledge& Experience is Power’ is a motto I strive for throughout my career and realising the importance of it even more since working with young designers at GDC. My love for interiors and architecture started at a young age through my art and rearranging mom’s furniture on almost a daily basis. I studied Interior Design at the Technical University of Tswane for 4years. Once finished and free to roam the world, Cape Town looked like the end of the world for me as a young 20something eager to take on challenges and conquer the world. I worked for Stefan Antoni Olmesdahl Truenen Architects being employed as an Architectural Technician. Well after 4years of hard work and Mr Delivery as overtime pay, I found myself in Central London minding the gap!! It was the greatest adventure thus far working on projects ranging from retail design like GAP Stores, DAKS Bonds Str later taking on commercial design where my team and I was awarded with a british office design award, residential design was a once off very tricky industry and then the grand finale a 150m Superyacht for the prince of abudabi. AWESOME. But after 4 years of rain, snow, rain and little sunshine, Africa looked extremely promising, and it was soon after my return, I got the opportunity to lecture and it has been such a creative, enriching experience so far. A few months later I met my business partner Architect/Interior Designer where a company called Graft ink became a vision and is slowly but surely becoming a reality now. Besides being career driven following design in all formats is one way of gaining that knowledge and that enables one to draw it over to the next.


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