Lindi Maritz

Lecturer – Multimedia Design/Critical Studies

BA Hons Multimedia (GDC)

Lindi has had a long standing relationship with Greenside Design Center. After completing her graduate degree at the institution, she continued to guest lecture at Greenside Design Center whilst furthering her studies. Lindi is currently a full time lecture in the Multi Media department. Lindi completed her graduate degree in Multi Media design with a first class pass. During her graduate degree she was nominated, and placed third, for the SABS Design Achiever awards. With the design and development of “Mysisterskin”, a safe sex package developed for women who love women she placed in the finals. The opportunity and the “hands on, minds on and hearts on” mantra of Design Achievers dramatically fuelled and changed her passion for not only social responsible design, but also visual research. Consequently she furthered her studies at the University of Pretoria and completed her Honours in Visual Studies, specialising in digital culture and queer studies. Lindi is in the process of advance her studies in the discourse through a Masters Programme and research endeavours. With an intimate and long standing passion for the community and design Lindi is actively involved in collaborative projects with creative’s to produce visual artifacts which are not only innovative, beautiful and significant but also challenge social and cultural norms. It is this passion and critical engagement with the environment which she carries trough in her personal and professional work. Lindi believes and lives that design, more than an occupation but a methodology, is not an easy approach. Design is not only a commercial player but is also multifaceted and evocative. It does not occupy a simple position within the system. Although designers can critique dominant understandings; it is not easy task to provide alternatives in a system that constantly and compulsively enforces ideologies of class, race, gender and sexuality. However, through the collective efforts of critique, deconstruction, subversion and reconstruction of the socio-economical structures, designers can, like water flowing over rock, destabilize foundations of injustices and carve out crevasses of change.


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