Ingrid Templer Leujes


BA Honours Fine Art ( Wits), HED (UNISA), MA Visual Arts (UP)

Ingrid was a co-founder of Greenside Design Center with Professor Laubscher in 1987 and was instrumental in gaining Greenside Design Center membership of IFI and ICOGRADA, both international organisations. She currently lectures in the interior design department but has run programmes for the graphic and multimedia departments as well. Prior to founding Greenside Design Center she lectured in the interior design department at the Technikon Witwatersrand, which is now a part of the University of Johannesburg. Along with lecturing she has practiced as a fine artist, graphic and interior designer but her passion is education. After completing a BA Honours degree in Fine Arts, she completed a Post Graduate diploma in Higher Education at the University of South Africa and a Masters degree in Visual Arts at the University of Pretoria. Ingrid was awarded winner of the International Award for Excellence for her journal article, ‘New Media Interactivity in the Museum: Democratisation or Dumbing Down?’ This was awarded at a conference in Turkey. She also wrote a chapter for a book entitled ‘Design for a complex world’. Other contributors came from nine other international countries. Apart from design education, her other interests include psychology and phenomenology.


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