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Fabio Zackery

Meet Fabio Zackery, one of our Students that had the honour of being accepted into the 6 month Student Exchange programme with LUCA School of Arts. He finished his 3rd year interior design in 2020 at LUCA, School of Arts, in Ghent, Belgium and graduated in March. He now continues his studies with GDC in Honours Interior Design.

  • Arrival - after a long trip from SA to Belgium, off many connection flights, train trips, and extreme covid measures the journey had begun to LUCA School of Arts in Belgium.
  • Living - I had rented out a loft for the time being in a nearby neighbourhood 2km out of the city and 5km from LUCA.
  • Exploring - the joy of being an exchange student in Belgium gave you the freedom and access to travel around the country as well as nearby countries for a fairly cheap price! During this period I explored Belgium, France and Holland ! Amsterdam was my city to get away as it was a 3 hour bus Trip.
  • LUCA School of Arts - as an exchange student from GDC to the LUCA, I was privileged to learn and study at the St Lukas, Ghent campus as well as attend a few lectures and exercises at the Brussels campus. The exchange program also consisted of a internship externally which proceeded in Brussels for 6 weeks prior to the start of the exchange.
  • Ghent City - exploring and living in my new home for the exchange period, exploring, sight seeing and making the most of this beautiful city. 6. Sporting and Culture - sports and the culture of Belgium was explored, as I joined a football club nearby to make settling in easier and still obtaining my normal life.
  • Subways/Trains/Buses/Cyling - these were the main form of transport used on a daily basis to move around the show! A bicycle is extremely important as this was my transport from a to b and then from there to the various stations and bus routes! Which worked amazingly well.

Overall - being an exchange student was an honour and a privilege to be able to explore and have the chance to study at another great design school, the various life experience and personal experience are irreplaceable, the interaction between different people and networks will forever be. The life style and student life is awesome and will blow your mind ! A beautiful country as a whole and a great experience and exchange.

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