BA Honours Graphic Design

Greenside Design Center’s BA Honours graphic design course is designed to deepen student’s knowledge and expertise in the field. The BA Honours course has been developed to prepare students for academic and design leadership by refining their research capacity and application of skills to the design process and its practices.

Our Focus:

At GDC, our BA Honours graphic design course is focused on individuality, independence and complexity in order to produce highly skilled graduates capable of creating industry standard design solutions. The NQF level 8 qualification is made up of three modules to be completed over one year of full time study. Each module is focused on important aspects of design theory and practice and culminates in a research paper driven through individual student interests and their specific design orientations.

Typically, graduates of the field work on projects in print-based media, editorial design, web design, corporate identity and packaging. The visual compositions created in these fields are produced for a particular target audience in order to convey a message in a purposeful way.

The BA Honours graphic design course is comprised of three modules:

Minor Design Module18Completed in term 1Students develop a design concept through an understanding of the target audience, print production processes and the intended function of the design.
Major Design Module60Completed in terms 2, 3 and 4Students are expected to question, develop and address the nature and characteristics of a complex design problem and to establish the functional, contextual, visual and technological basis for a design response. Students produce substantial design solutions that are resolved, technically-sound, sustainable and responsible.
Critical Studies research paper42Completed through all termsStudents are required to finalise and present a research paper of approximately six thousand words. The research topics and areas of study will be driven through individual student research interests in consultation with Critical Studies lecturers as they apply to their specific design orientations.



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