Higher Certificate

On an international level, the value of design thinking is embraced both within and outside of the design industries. Design Thinking is about being able explore problems, experiment with solutions and arrive at innovative and responsive designs. GDC brings this trend of thought to South Africa, delivering a course that focuses specifically on the creative and critical thinking that is design thinking. The programme caters for students who complete the National Senior Certificate with entry into certificate programmes. Graduates of the Higher Certificate are expected to enter the art or design industry in junior positions, or continue with further study in degree or diploma programmes, either at GDC or other providers.

What to expect while studying this course:

The purpose of the qualification is to lay a foundation in the broad principles and practices of design. The programme introduces learners to creative and visual thinking, design thinking and the design process, visual communication methods, professional practise and the analysis and critique of design solutions. It offers an integrated combination of conceptual and applied skills and prepares learners to become flexible, problem-solving thinkers outside the boundaries of a single design discipline. The knowledge and skills taught are fundamental to many visual and creative professions, and graduates will be able to transfer these to a variety of design specialisations, including visual communication design, interior design, product design and environmental design. Additionally, the programme focuses on learners’ command of the English language, particularly in academic reading and writing pertinent to visual culture and design theory Learning Outcomes: On completion of the programme students should be able to:
  • Apply design thinking and the design process;
  • Utilise a variety of media, tools and techniques to express design ideas;
  • Schedule and manage a simple design project;
  • Interpret, analyse and critique design;
  • Understand simple academic texts, formulate arguments and communicate in an academically acceptable manner

Programme Outline


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