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Prof. Des Laubscher elected onto the International Council of Design Executive Board

At the recent 27th General Assembly of the International Council of Design, ico-D, held in Montréal, Canada, Prof Des Laubscher from South Africa was elected onto the Executive Board of this prestigious council as a Vice President. Ico-D represents the interests of Professional, Promotional and Educational members on design matters in 68 countries around the world.

Co-founder of the South African Institute for the Interior Design Professionals, IID, Des is also a Past President and Fellow of the International Federation of Interior Architects/Designers and a past Board Member and Fellow of Design for the World, a humanitarian international design organisation based in Barcelona, Spain.

With this latest accolade he becomes the first South African to serve on three international design boards and probably one of less than a handful who have achieved this internationally. 

20 Jul 2018   webgap

Designing by Algorithm

by Ingrid Leujes, Greenside Design Center“Design is the medium between people and technology” Carrie Chan, 2017Minding the Digital, a current design exhibition at the Art and Design museum in Shenzhen, China, clearly portrays the excitement and fascination that current designers and artists have with the creative possibilities of the digital medium. Not only does digitisation allow for innovative manipulation and use of materials but it also has the potential for changing the interaction between people and objects, spaces and society at large. This in turn changes perceptions and emotional ...

24 Jul 2018   webgap

Adobe Design Achievers

GDC is proud to announce we have 21 Semi-finalist projects in the Adobe Design Achievers this year. Out of the 56 Semi-finalists is South Africa we have 21 of them which is amazing. Well done to all the students and lecturers who helped craft these projects and please congratulate these students if you have them in your groups.   Follow the links to see their projects: Early Birds  Second Round Savannah Meyer(Munchkin Monsters Cupcake kit) Christopher Ngalu(Design Manifesto) ...

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