14 Oct 2016   webgap

The Principles of Good Multimedia Design

It is often overlooked just how important design is when it comes to multimedia as not all multimedia is effective. Design plays a massive role in the user experience from navigation to seamless use across the multimedia activation. If the user can browse and navigate easily as well as enjoy the process, then the design has been effective.

Often when it comes to multimedia it is not just about how the end product looks but also the ease of use and overall user experience. If the experience is seamless and fun that will keep them coming back for more.

Similar to the software development life cycle, professional multimedia products are constructed in well-planned phases. The typical phases are Analysis, Design, Scripting and Production.

Multimedia projects are usually planned on storyboards before beginning to produce the project. Storyboards are visual representations of the various screens in the program that show positioning of media, content and navigational aids.

So it’s important to remember that if the process has been well thought out and planned then it is easier to design for a great user experience so there is perfect synergy between how the end products looks and how easy it is to use… Start by placing the user front and center then you can deliver an activation that keeps them coming back for more.

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15 Oct 2016   webgap

7 TED Talks Every Designer Should Watch

Inspiration comes in many forms and often depends on what drives you creatively. In the hustle and bustle of life, we’re constantly bombarded with stimulation and distractions, especially so in the digital age. Sometimes it’s necessary to take a step back and appreciate the moment so we can rejuvenate our creative juices. To help you get some graphic design, multimedia design and interior design inspiration, we’ve compiled a list of 7 great Ted Talks every designer should watch.1. 3 Ways Good Design Makes You Happy – Don Norman2. How to Build Your Creative Confidence – David Kelley3. ...

18 Oct 2016   webgap

Why all the fuss about design thinking?

A hot topic in the design world is design thinking but what is it and why does it matter?Members of the IDEA collective argue that design thinking offers a unique, fruitful and fun way to enhance teaching and learning across different subjects. They recently held a workshop with school teachers, exemplifying the kind of thinking that designers do ‒discovery, interpretation, ideation, experimentation and evolution ‒ to see how maths, science, geography and history teachers would react. They loved it.Here is some of the feedback:“Design thinking is invaluable!” ‒ comment from a Physica ...

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