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Matric Students Feedback from our Matric Workshops

Student #1

This workshop was a great experience and was very insightful. I definitely learned a lot in a sense of interpreting examination questions, how to understand certain questions and concepts and it was definitely a huge help in preparation for matric exams. I look forward to applying the knowledge and techniques I learned in my studying for not only Life science but also applying it in my other subjects as well.

Student #2

On the 6th of October 2018, I attended the Matric Workshop for Life Sciences at Greenside Design Centre. I felt that this workshop was highly beneficial to me not only in preparation for my matric year but also for my final exams. It helped me better understand the way in which to study which will increase my marks. The advice and notes we were given do not only have a major impact on the way you approach life science exams but also the other subjects which you take.

Student #3

The matric workshop that I came for was for Life sciences and to me it was really a new experience as we were taught in ways that we could all understand and we were also taught the best way for each of us to study which not only helped us with life sciences but all subjects, the teacher who taught us was really amazing and the notes she made for us was well summarized with a lot of info about our final exam so for all those who need extra help I really recommend doing the matric workshop at GDC

Student #4

I attended the matric workshop today for Design. It really helped me in terms of understanding design theory and the amount of work required for my matric year. It gave me loads of insight to where marks are allocated in which parts of the design exams 

It was nothing like just a normal class lesson but rather another experience for understanding design deeper and grasping more about the subject as a whole. It was an experience of a lifetime, and I definitely recommend attending the matric design workshops for revision as well as a better understanding and some motivation for matric! And it was loads of fun😉

Student #5

Today helped me understand very well how to apply information to certain aspects of a design question, especially essay questions.

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Gold Pendoring Award 2018

A big Congratulations to our very own Chiedza Kehle from honours 2017. Her project African Folklore stories, Paivepo Dzefunde, IsiNdebele Won a gold at the 2018 Pendoring awards.  ...

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10 Percent 2016

GDC’s vision is to be leaders in design higher education to nurture innovative and responsible designers for the greater good of humanity. Responsibility and sustainability (for the social, economic and environmental world) are core values that underpin all curricular. They are values we expect our graduates to embrace and further in their careers. One of the key strategies to cultivate these values is our Community Engagement Initiative, the 10Percent Initiative. For four weeks of the year (roughly 10Percent of the academic year), all undergraduate students from all programmes and levels fo ...

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