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Logo Design Fails: Avoid These 10 Pitfalls!

Do you have what it takes to create a great logo? Are you up for this graphic design challenge? Don’t become one of the world’s many logo design fails. 

It’s not just a matter of combining typography, a touch of colour and some photoshop skills. There’s a whole lot more to it. A great logo should be simple, authentic and timeless. The best logos can communicate a company’s brand experience in an instant – just think of Nike, Starbucks, Apple and Coca-Cola.

Despite the fact that many graphic design guidelines are available for people to perfect their logo’s, most fail to meet the grade. Check out the list below and avoid these common logo design mistakes:

• Be cautious with CAPS:
Upper and lower-case letters are easier to read from a distance than something typed in all caps.
• Use punctuation responsibly:
Nothing ruins a logo more than poor punctuation.
• Let your fonts do the talking:
Choose the right font to represent your brand’s personality.
• Avoid controversy, it always leads to redesign:
Avoiding popular trends will let your logo stand the test of time.
• Don’t be inappropriate if you want to be taken seriously:
This can harm your brand’s reputation and you’ll have to do some serious damage control. Get people talking about your brand for the right reasons.
• Don’t get buzz for the wrong reasons:
Take a look at your logo with fresh eyes, does it convey the right message?
• Be careful with negative space:
Examine the areas with white space closely.
• Be wary of optical illusions:
What you see might not be what others see.
• Make sure your logo says what you intended:
Get others to review your work and ensure the right message is being conveyed.
• Choose colours carefully:
Your logo must work in black and white. It shouldn’t solely rely on colour.

Logo design is a great way to practice your graphic design skills, just make sure you pay attention to the small details. You don’t want your brand to be know as one of the logo design fails of our time. 

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21 Dec 2016   webgap

Design for all 5 senses

Design encompasses many aspects of our everyday lives, we even interact with it while we sleep. In fact, designers in different industries are constantly working to create products that are functional and aesthetically pleasing to improve some aspects of our lives. Design should interact with all of our 5 senses. Whether it’s a new, ergonomic design for some furniture in interior design, a bold take on traditional graphic design techniques, or the integration of innovative technologies and art in multimedia design; designers in all fields are continually pushing the boundaries on designing ...

28 Dec 2016   webgap

Design and Discovery

David Carson is a sociologist turned graphic designer. He’s best known for his innovative magazine layouts and eye-catching typographic experiments. David’s portfolio is made up of projects for some of the world’s best brands including Pepsi Cola, Ray-Ban, Nike, Microsoft, MTV and the band, Nine Inch Nails, just to name a few. With all those clients under his belt, it’s no surprise that he’s received over 230 awards for his work in graphic design, photography, advertising and branding. When he’s not busy accepting accolades, you can find him under the sun and in the ocean catching ...

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