27 Oct 2016   webgap

Interview: The Rules of Human Design in the Digital World

In today’s world, technology impacts our lives in more ways than we like to think and good design has encouraged this adoption. Just think of how the realm of digital touches almost every aspect of our lives with well thought-out design. Even the average technophobe can join in different movements in the digital age!

We recently came across an interesting interview where talented User Experience Designer, Rita Feldman, discusses some basic elements of human design in the digital world.

Some of the questions she covered include:
• The most common mistakes designers make and the steps designers from various fields such as interior design, graphic design and multimedia design can take to avoid these mistakes in the future.
• Some recent ground-breaking trends that she’s encountered.
• How to make sure your design stands out from your competition and tips for some personal touches that you can include.
• Why we always hear buzzwords thrown-out and what she makes of them.
• Where she looks for inspiration and innovative, revolutionary ideas.

Design and digital are worlds that will inevitably continue to collide. Read the rest of the article to see more of Feldman’s insights. They’re sure to help you on your interior design, graphic design or multimedia design journey.

Read the full interview

03 Nov 2016   webgap

Biohazard: Iconic Symbol Designed to be “Memorable but Meaningless”

Creating an internationally recognised symbol is no easy feat. Back in 1966 a group of engineers and designers created an iconic symbol that’s still in use today. Using the unconventional method of crowd-testing, a synonymous icon was designed but it had no recognisable meaning. According to Charles Baldwin, an environmental-health engineer who contributed to its development, the team that created the symbol wanted “something memorable but meaningless, so we could educate people as to what it means.”The symbol needed to meet the following criteria:• Striking in form to draw immediate a ...

08 Nov 2016   webgap

Justin Catto

GDC got an awesome graphic design-inspired facelift from Justin Catto who recently completed a graffiti art project on campus. Justin is currently a Design Plus student at GDC. At the youthful age of 20, he already has two major awards behind his name. He recently won “Back To The City”, which is Africa’s biggest hip-hop festival. The competition is held annually and 40 artists battle it out by painting the pillars under the M1 bridge in Newtown with various artistic graphic designs. In 2015, Justin made it to the top 4 in the final round of the “Sprite Uncontainable” event in Zone 6 ...

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