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Design Thinking for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Innovation is part of our DNA and exciting things are always on the brew at GDC. On Saturday 28 July Greenside Design Center hosted a gdcTHiNK design thinking workshop to foster innovation and entrepreneurial thinking skills. Innovation Brew: How Might We Reinvent Coffee challenged participants working in teams to identify and solve a customer pain point in order to serve up the perfect cup of joe. Fueled by caffeine, representatives from Xlink, Salt and Light, Perform Digital and the African Institute for the Interior Design Profession buzzed through the four-hour design sprint and delivered some never before seen solutions to the challenge brief, proving that with gdcTHiNK (and enough coffee) anything is possible. They had a whole of fun too.  Check out some of their comments:
They were excited about and found it different to most courses they have attended which helped relook at how to solve problems. (Innocentia, Xlink Communications)

Innovation Brew was very interesting, especially if you do have a design background it is a great way to retreat to the design thinking  process as it becomes more of a habit in your day to day lives.

It was great to be a part of and meet new people. The ideas were definitely flowing and it was great to be in that space again.

07 Aug 2018   webgap

10 Percent Concept Presentation

Congratulations to our students for their amazing 10% projects and their wonderful presentations on Friday. The 10% project is Greenside Design Center’s unique answer to the call for community engagement in higher education and is where the college dedicates 10 percent of its teaching and learning time to improve the life of communities through design. The initiative sees students working in multidisciplinary teams and across different yeas of study to tackle pressing issues for the greater good. We are very grateful for the participation of this year’s communities and thank them for colla ...

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Matric Students Feedback from our Matric Workshops

Student #1 This workshop was a great experience and was very insightful. I definitely learned a lot in a sense of interpreting examination questions, how to understand certain questions and concepts and it was definitely a huge help in preparation for matric exams. I look forward to applying the knowledge and techniques I learned in my studying for not only Life science but also applying it in my other subjects as well.Student #2On the 6th of October 2018, I attended the Matric Workshop for Life Sciences at Greenside Design Centre. I felt that this workshop was highly beneficial to me not on ...

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