21 Dec 2016   webgap

Design for all 5 senses

Design encompasses many aspects of our everyday lives, we even interact with it while we sleep. In fact, designers in different industries are constantly working to create products that are functional and aesthetically pleasing to improve some aspects of our lives. Design should interact with all of our 5 senses. 

Whether it’s a new, ergonomic design for some furniture in interior design, a bold take on traditional graphic design techniques, or the integration of innovative technologies and art in multimedia design; designers in all fields are continually pushing the boundaries on designing a better tomorrow. This approach to the arts has opened the conversation for a new way of looking at design. This is one that not only considers the aesthetic function but rather, incorporates all five senses for the user to have a better experience.

In an interesting TED Talk by industrial designer Jinsop Lee, he shares his theory of 5-sense design. In “Design for all 5 Senses”, Lee discusses how incorporating all five senses of touch, sight, sound, taste and smell can allow users to have a better experience. Find out how you can use this technique in interior design, multimedia design or graphic design by watching the full talk!

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28 Dec 2016   webgap

Design and Discovery

David Carson is a sociologist turned graphic designer. He’s best known for his innovative magazine layouts and eye-catching typographic experiments. David’s portfolio is made up of projects for some of the world’s best brands including Pepsi Cola, Ray-Ban, Nike, Microsoft, MTV and the band, Nine Inch Nails, just to name a few. With all those clients under his belt, it’s no surprise that he’s received over 230 awards for his work in graphic design, photography, advertising and branding. When he’s not busy accepting accolades, you can find him under the sun and in the ocean catching ...

04 Jan 2017   webgap

To Think or Not to Think

Who would have thought that within five years most traditional industries would be disrupted? Airbnb is already the biggest hotel group in the world but they don’t own a single hotel room. Uber is the biggest taxi company in the world but they don’t own any taxis. The way we think about our world is changing rapidly and traditional thinking is no longer the norm.For us to thrive and survive in this ever-changing world, we need new, dynamic ways of thinking to stay on top. Design Thinking has become one of the most important methods to do this.Design Thinking is a new way of thinking about ...

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