14 Nov 2016   webgap

Date Night 2016

21 October saw students from our interior design, graphic design and multimedia design faculties come out to pitch their portfolios to prospective employers.

The GDC Date Night is a firm favourite on the calendar with students buzzing with excitement and nerves at the prospect of their futures. Based on the model of “speed-dating”, interior design, graphic design and multimedia design students have 10 minutes to pitch themselves to each of the professionals from their industries around the room. Students rotate after each pitch to have a one-on-one with all the professionals. The Date Night is a great opportunity for students to secure their first job after graduation.

We had 15 professionals from the fields of graphic design, multimedia design and interior design join us at the event this year.

Feedback from the industry was appreciated as always and GDC couldn’t be prouder of its students.

17 Nov 2016   webgap

Essential Skills To Become A Great UI/UX Designer

The increase of digital applications and the devices we use to interact with them has made the role of the graphic designer or multimedia designer involved in creating these, dual focused. For you to be a great UI/UX designer, it’s now imperative to understand both worlds.So, what’s the difference between UI and UX?User Interface Design or UI, is the design of user interfaces for machines, software and devices. The main focus of UI design is to maximise usability and the user experience.User Experience Design or UX, on the other hand, is the process of enhancing user satisfaction. This can ...

24 Nov 2016   webgap

7 Things To Know About Designing For Virtual And Augmented Reality

Virtual and augmented reality (RV & AR) technologies have fast become phenomena in industries beyond the gaming world. These futuristic technologies are innovating immersive experiences for people in the comfort of their homes and beyond. Today, we find more people are interested in experiences as opposed to new tech. With virtual and augmented reality somewhere at the intersection of these two fields, it’s no wonder they’ve taken the world by storm. For those in the field of design, this presents many new opportunities to showcase great design skills. Before you launch your VR/AR proj ...

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