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Adobe Design Achievers

GDC is proud to announce we have 21 Semi-finalist projects in the Adobe Design Achievers this year. Out of the 56 Semi-finalists is South Africa we have 21 of them which is amazing. Well done to all the students and lecturers who helped craft these projects and please congratulate these students if you have them in your groups.  
Follow the links to see their projects:
Early Birds  
Second Round
Savannah Meyer
(Munchkin Monsters Cupcake kit)
Christopher Ngalu
(Design Manifesto) 
Caleb Pillay
(Coca-Cola taste the feeling)

Nicole Potgieter 
(The Dreamer Poster Series)
(Personal Portfolio)
Megan Hayes
(Helvetica Dustcovers)
Danielle Zijp 
(Portfolio Packaging)
Bridget Lane 
(Little Bakers)
(Isometric World Bright Lights)
Tamera Naidoo
(Mixed Media Calendar)

Jessica Babsy 
(data visualization)
(Gama Typeface)
Sabeehah Kajee 
(datavis Hello)
(infographic long exposure)
Eran Waldeck
(Data visualization) 
Zoe Allison  
(Anthro Po)
Justine Montgomery
(Dust covers Matilda)
Yoosha Isaacs
(Editorial Netvision)
Chiedza Kehle
( paivepo dzefunde- afrikan folklore application)
( paivepo dzefunde- afrikan folklore)

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Educate to Fabricate

High-tech education for the 21st CenturyGreenside Design Center and Made In Workshop are proud to announce a new and exclusive partnership where world class education meets the future of fabrication. Whether you are an inventor, creator, innovator or experimenter, GDC and Made In Workshop have joined forces to catapult design and manufacture into the 21st Century.Under the banner of Educate to Fabricate, GDC and Made In Workshop will see several joint projects jump off the drawing board and into reality as early as 16 September when GDC students will launch their whacky wheels at the Red Bull ...

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The Pan Afrikan Design Institute (PADI)

The institute represents the interests of design professionals, design protagonists and design educators from numerous design disciplines including Visual Communication, Multi Media, Product, Fashion and Interior Design, but not confined to these. The central aim of the institute is to stand as a unified body to empower design professionals and facilitate growth in the Afrikan design industries as well as promoting design education as an essential profession required for the 21st Century.Some of the central goals of the Institute include:Liaising with Government and other Statutory Bodies to i ...

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