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7 Things To Know About Designing For Virtual And Augmented Reality

Virtual and augmented reality (RV & AR) technologies have fast become phenomena in industries beyond the gaming world. These futuristic technologies are innovating immersive experiences for people in the comfort of their homes and beyond.

Today, we find more people are interested in experiences as opposed to new tech. With virtual and augmented reality somewhere at the intersection of these two fields, it’s no wonder they’ve taken the world by storm. For those in the field of design, this presents many new opportunities to showcase great design skills.

Before you launch your VR/AR project, however, here are a few things to keep in mind:

• Encourage clients to try before they buy:
Not all clients have the same frame of reference, so make sure you show them examples.

• Don’t lose sight of your objectives:
You must decide if VR/AR is the right tool for your brand or business and ensure the right user experience if it is.

• Shift your mindset to “first-person design”:
You’re designing an experience for someone else to have. Put yourself in their shoes.

Do your homework, pick the right partner:
Look for a partner that combines great developers with great designers to produce great portfolios.

• Use flexible design talent:
You’ll need to use responsive design that can toggle between App and Experience design. Be sure the talent on your team has a thorough understanding of UI/UX design within the VR/AR field.

• Set realistic time expectations:
Don’t rush the project. It could ruin the product experience.

• Iterate, test, learn, repeat:
This can help you learn the narratives that drive people toward your ideas.

VR/AR is well on its way to being the next global trend. Be sure to keep yourself informed on the latest developments in the industry so you don’t get left behind.

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25 Nov 2016   webgap

2016 Student Exhibition

Our current graphic design, interior design and multimedia design students impressed at the opening of this year’s student exhibition.The exhibition is held annually to showcase the work our students have created throughout the year. The evening is a great platform to encourage student and lecturer engagement, giving a holistic view of our college and community. It also serves as a platform to expose our students to industry professionals and highlight potential career opportunities. The evening is open to prospective students and their parents to view the standard of our current students wo ...

29 Nov 2016   webgap


The Aids awareness ribbon was created during a time when there was little public acknowledgement of AIDS. In 1991, costume designer Marc Happel had an idea. Inspired by the yellow ribbons tied around trees in honour of Persian Gulf War Servicemen, he took a single red ribbon folded into an inverted V and created what is now a global phenomenon. Over time, this symbol has created awareness not only for AIDS but for more than 200 other causes globally. The 1st of December 2016 marked the 28th World AIDS Day and the ribbon still retains its relevance as the global symbol 25 years on. Find out mor ...

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