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2016 Student Exhibition

Our current graphic design, interior design and multimedia design students impressed at the opening of this year’s student exhibition.

The exhibition is held annually to showcase the work our students have created throughout the year. The evening is a great platform to encourage student and lecturer engagement, giving a holistic view of our college and community. It also serves as a platform to expose our students to industry professionals and highlight potential career opportunities.

The evening is open to prospective students and their parents to view the standard of our current students work. The exhibition is usually an eye opener that shows potential GDC students what can be achieved in each of our design disciplines. Our courses in Design Thinking, graphic design, interior design and multimedia design offer an incomparable standard of design education.

The event was thoroughly enjoyed by all in attendance including esteemed industry professionals, alumni, scholars and parents.

If you missed out on the night, you can still view some of our students’ best work.

View our Student Portfolio

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The Aids awareness ribbon was created during a time when there was little public acknowledgement of AIDS. In 1991, costume designer Marc Happel had an idea. Inspired by the yellow ribbons tied around trees in honour of Persian Gulf War Servicemen, he took a single red ribbon folded into an inverted V and created what is now a global phenomenon. Over time, this symbol has created awareness not only for AIDS but for more than 200 other causes globally. The 1st of December 2016 marked the 28th World AIDS Day and the ribbon still retains its relevance as the global symbol 25 years on. Find out mor ...

07 Dec 2016   webgap

Norman Doors: Don’t Know Whether to Push or Pull? Blame Design.

Bad design is sadly found everywhere in the world today. Just think about Norman Doors. While better designs can be created to replace these bad designs, getting them in to replace the old ones can be a cumbersome project. A great example of this is push and pull doors or “Norman Doors” as they have come to be known. These doors are found everywhere from offices to restaurants and seem to be universally confusing for users, causing endless frustration. Even with the additional help of typographic instructions, these doors fail to effectively communicate what to do. This is partly due to th ...

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