Adobe Design Achievers 2017

Adobe Design Achievers 2017 will be getting a taste of GDC! Of the 6496 entries submitted worldwide,11 GDC students have made it through to the semi-finals.
Check out all of the finalists at Congrats to the following students and their lecturers who helped nurture these amazing projects and students:

Chante Kimmie: Grind Corporate identity_3rd year graphic project
Tasmyn Duckworth: Design Thinking for Pre-schoolers_3rd year graphic project
Nicole Potgieter: Infographics Learning Kit_3rd year graphic project
Viviene Campbell: Infographics- Aleta for Grade R _3rd year graphic project
Viviene Campbell: Typographic Book Cover _3rd year graphic project
Claudia Rodrigues: Typographic Book Cover Redesign_3rd year graphic project

Claudia Rodrigues: Boy Meet Dog- Funda Nenja – Stop Frame animation_2nd Year Graphic Project
Claudia Rodrigues: Beautiful Ugly– Photography_2nd Year Graphic illustration Project
Nicola Van Nierop:  2017 Calendar Design _2nd Year illustration Graphic Project
Justine Montgomery: Lego Infographics on Cancer_2nd Year Graphic Project

Candice Holland: Adobe Life Swatches- The beauty of Rust – Photography_1st Year Graphics-Multimedia Project
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