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Interior Design is about creative problem solving skills in mind. With an emphasis on how the craft has the potential to affect our responses to our environments, GDC’s interior design courses train students to think conceptually, frame design problems through research and analysis and design solutions that are innovative, socially responsible and technically resolved.

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Higher Certificate in Design: Interior Design & Decor NQF5

  GDC offers a Higher Certificate in Design Thinking with a focus on Interior Decorating and Design Principles. The programme equips learne...

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Higher Certificate in Design: Industrial Product & Furniture Design NQF5

  GDC offers a Higher Certificate programme in Design Thinking with a focus on industrial product and furniture design. The programme equips learners with...

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BA Degree: Interior Design

Greenside Design Center’s BA interior design course was created with student’s creative problem solving skills in mind. With an emphasis on how the craft...

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BA Honours Degree: Interior Design

The BA Honours Interior Design qualification caters for the education and training of Senior Interior Designers as designated by the South African Institute of Inter...

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Higher Certificate in Design: Inter-Disciplinary Design NQF5

  GDC offers a Higher Certificate programme in Design Thinking specifically designed to channel students into our BA Degree programmes in I...

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FET Certificate: Design Foundation NQF4

The FET Certificate in Design Foundation (NQF Level 4) is aimed at providing a foundation of design, allowing learners to explore different design fields in the crea...

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