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International Verifier’s Comments

Greenside Design Center prides itself that we are on-par with an international standard of education and design. Our students graduate with a qualification that runs parallel to the standards of leading international institutes. Our student portfolios are assessed and moderated by external institutions. Honours students in our graphic design, interior design and multimedia design courses have the opportunity to present their work and get direct feedback from moderators from around the world. To date, GDC’s verifiers have come from numerous countries, most recently Denmark, Belgium, Australia, Israel and the U.S. We are also privileged to have moderators from prestigious institutions such as the European Council for Interior Architects, Architects Council of Europe, International Council of Graphic Design Associations and Pentagram.

Antoine Abi Aad

Ph.D. and MA University of Tsukuba in Japan

The exceptional strength of the program is on the personal level: every professor knows every student very well. He/she can guide him or her meticulously and efficiently, and I can sense that every student has more of a private tutor than just a lecturer. The way every professor knows every student, in addition to the good intention everyone in GDC has, makes the student nurtured by this program. GDC being small forms its strength, and its weakness. It would be inappropriate to call is a weakness, but I recommend more exchange with other institutions to give a wider scope for the students, which is something you are already doing, even in times of Corona. I am proud to have participated in different events with you for 9 years, and for that, I can only imagine how proud your students should be to have this amazing team guiding them. Your guidance during the lockdown was outstanding! Thank you for your trust, and I can only wish you the best future, you deserve it so much!

Ingwio D'Hespeel

International coordinator of the Visual Communication LUCA, Brussels

I saw a lot of progress throughout the presentations: as students advance from year to year, design and presentation skills grow and students show more confident and well informed in argumenting their design decisions. Overall I see an enthusiast and competent team with a very supportive attitude towards their students. I’d love to study at GDC!

Charrisse Johnston

FASID, Assoc. AIA, LEED AP Principal, studioSALT Chair, IID Board of Directors - The African Institute of the Interior Design Professions

The GDC Interiors programme is superior in all respects, especially the quality of the instruction. This year, I am even more impressed by the lecturers than I was in 2018 when I last served as an international verifier, because how wonderfully that handled of the overwhelming challenges of 2020. As noted above, I think it is fantastic how the lecturers interweave the curricula not only between years (progressing from one year to the next) but also between classes during the same year (to apply and reinforce the content). I also admire the amount of individual attention given to the students.