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MyGDCDigital Campus

The world is facing a crisis, with no way of knowing when or how normality will return.

At Greenside Design Center, we are proud to create innovative opportunities for our students during this time of change, that will not only assist your learning process but also create flexibility around your learning, now and well beyond COVID19.

Even though the lockdown restrictions are reducing, there are students who still prefer to learn from home. Some students, however, prefer to come to class. So, how do we make it possible for these two sets of students to get the same quality education as well as the same amount of interaction with their lecturer? The answer myGDC Hybrid Learning, which is a part of our Digital Campus Initiative.

Mediated Instruction

The future of learning is here

Our myGDC Hybrid learning allows us to teach in parallel both virtual students and students on campus. Our Full-time Students will now have the choice of attending their class on campus, attend their virtual class from home or a combination of both, giving our students the ultimate flexibility without compromising teaching time and quality.

With myGDC hybrid learning and our technology platform, you eliminate the factors that contribute to you missing the class.

Missed a class? Have all your classes ready to be downloaded and watched, anytime, anywhere.


A seamless experience that benefits all students through our technologically mediated smart campuses.

Close the gap between campus-based and online education by delivering a samrt and conected learning experience to both.

Serves as a roadmap for consistent delivery throughout the learning journey by innovatively utilising technology.

NoStudentLeftBehind: Never miss a class because of health, traffic, or transport issues.

Better Teaching: Get taught from subject specialists for virtual and campus-based students.

Anywhere, anytime: Have all your classes ready to be downloaded and watched, anytime, anywhere.

Flexibility: A personalized class schedule, attend class on campus, virtually or both.

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