11 Apr 2017   dfm

GDC’s Ssanyu Sematimba to Participate in Emerging Creatives Programme

Greenside Design Center wishes graphic design honours student Ssanyu Sematimba, big congratulations as she has been selected to participate in the second tier of this year’s Emerging Creatives Programme.

Sematimba is a Ugandan-born visual artist now based in Johannesburg who believes design is an interconnected language. Dubbed a “creative chameleon”, the graphic design student is inspired by fashion, art and all things African. She is also experienced in photography.

She’ll be taking part in the Johannesburg exhibition at the simulcast.

The Emerging Creatives Programme is an initiative by the Design Indaba and the Department of Arts and Culture where young creatives can showcase their work to both local and international audiences. The programme has seen young creatives from various sectors including graphic, interior and multimedia design go on to launch their careers through the platform.

11 Apr 2017   dfm

GDC’s Fatima Bahm showcases at Design Indaba 2017

Graphic Design student, Fatima Mohammed Bahm recently exhibited her work at this year’s Design Indaba, held in Cape Town from 1 – 4 March 2017.As part of the Design Indaba’s Emerging Creatives programme, Fatima had the opportunity to present her graphic design work to thousands of festival goers alongside the Conference, FilmFest and Nightscape.Fatima’s areas of interest in graphic design include packaging design, infographic illustration, traditional fine art, typography and abstract symbol design. All of which are taught through GDC’s comprehensive graphic design course.Through her ...

15 Sep 2016   admin

10 Percent 2016

GDC’s vision is to be leaders in design higher education to nurture innovative and responsible designers for the greater good of humanity. Responsibility and sustainability (for the social, economic and environmental world) are core values that underpin all curricular. They are values we expect our graduates to embrace and further in their careers. One of the key strategies to cultivate these values is our Community Engagement Initiative, the 10Percent Initiative. For four weeks of the year (roughly 10Percent of the academic year), all undergraduate students from all programmes and levels fo ...

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