GDC is an accredited and internationally renowned design institution in Johannesburg, South Africa. GDC specialises in design education, awarding degrees in Graphic Design, Interior Design and Multimedia Design. We graduate leaders in design thinking and design practice, feeding both local and international markets

A career in design

Designers influence every aspect of our lives, from the apps we use, to the chair we sit on, to the book we read. Designers research what people need and do, and come up with inventive ways to make our lives more rewarding, more engaging… better.

GDC awards the following qualifications in design:

BA Degree in Graphic Design

BA Degree in Interior Design

BA Degree in Multimedia Design


BA Honours Degree in Visual Communication

BA Honours Degree in Interior Design

BA Honours Degree in Multimedia


The GDC Experience

A successful career in an ever changing world demands that we are innovative and flexible thinkers, that we consistently hone our skills and craft, and that we stand out above the rest.

At GDC, our educational priorities and practice give our students what it takes to succeed, to lead, and to change the world with design expertise.

Applications for 2017 are open

Simply complete our short form, and we will contact you to arrange an individual interview on campus. This is great opportunity to find out more about the college, and we can provisionally accept students based on their lasts Grade 12 results.

An impressive history of firsts

GDC was the first education institution to become members of the Cumulus International Association of Universities and Colleges of Art, Design and Media; International Council of Graphic Designers, and International Federation of Interior Architects/Designers.